My name is Tarannum Nasser and I am a certified IMS (Integrative Movement Specialist(TM)) and a certified Stott Pilates instructor. Both my certifications complement each other as they each focus on alignment, breathing and control.

I am most passionate about encouraging people to look at exercise with a very open mind. Teaching clients how their body moves is unique to each individual. Most of the tightness that we feel in our bodies can be relieved by working on alignment and breath. I love it when I approach the topic of breathing with my clients; their reaction is always the same: “I know how that works. I've been breathing for many years!” However, they are always very pleasantly surprised about how they feel both physically and mentally once they've learned how to breathe diaphragmatically. They feel lighter, more steady on their feet, and “longer”. This reaction is what I wait for anxiously. Each session I teach, I feel that we've moved one step closer to the client's movement goals. When a person is sure of their movement, he or she proceeds with balance and confidence. 

Pilates and Integrative Movement System helps individuals with the following:

  • Alignment: working on stacking the joints on top of each other
  • Balance: once joints are optimally stacked, balance is restored
  • Mobility: positive movement habits are learned and retained by the central nervous system
  • Strength: working on smaller muscle groups enables the body to be strong from the inside out
  • Flexibility: by working on all of the above, flexibility is improved

Pilates and Integrative Movement System focuses on a diaphragmatic breath pattern which enables the body to decompress and/or maintain length. Breathing three dimensionally also improves alignment and control of the body.

These principles can be applied to all types of movement. Simple tasks such as squatting, lifting and reaching can be made easier. Tennis players and golfers can highly benefit from learning how to optimize efficiency in movement by using these principles, as would people who like to spend their leisure time gardening, walking or running. Most people also see an improvement in their flexibility, mobility, strength and their ability to balance.

We welcome people with all abilities for individual and personalized training sessions​ in a warm, friendly, private, and interactive environment. A good portion of our clientele come to us for help with chronic issues and ​(sometimes post rehab). We also work with clients who are training for specific sport competitively or just like to challenge themselves with safe high level training.

The spring-based system on all the equipment offers a unique opportunity to bring out the best in an individual's session. The benefits of a resistance training means that you can challenge the body both concentrically and eccentrically simultaneously. This generally means less sore muscles following the workout.

"I don't know what you did to me but after coming home and having lunch I went out and did a huge shopping, came home, and I'm still feeling and moving with a lot of pep and energy....thank you."

~ CS

My left shoulder has been pain-free all day, in spite of food shopping (multiple stops), lifting, carrying, and cooking on my feet for about 3 hours. I love cooking. I was tired coming in but totally energized coming out. It's so exciting to watch us get there. Great session today.


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