Our posture can be affected by many things such as surgeries, injuries from falls, accidents and habits. 

How we breathe directly correlates to our posture and alignment. Quick, shallow breaths can cause tightness in the body, especially in the upper back and neck. Inhaling through our mouth can also affect our overall Bio Mechanics negatively. 

Inhaling through the nose can help activate the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles and stack the thorax overtop of the pelvis, thus significantly improving our posture and alignment. 

Learning how to breathe diaphragmatically can go a long way in enhancing our posture and alignment. 

We are sometimes cued into non-optimal posture by well-meaning people in our lives. Cues such as: “Pull your shoulder blades together “ or “ lift your chest.” These don’t seem problematic at first glance, but when these cues become our habits, they can leave behind long-term compensations leading to posture and movement deficiencies.

Changing our habits and non-optimal posture cues can improve our posture and alignment. Instead of “pulling your shoulder blades together “ or “lifting your chest,” think of “lengthening the neck” and “widening the collar bones.”

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