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What is Reformer Pilates?

Working on the reformer can be very beneficial for individuals who want to build muscle strength and maintain flexibility and cannot perform traditional exercises like squats and lunges push ups etc. The springs create a gentle resistance that needs to be controlled with a timely steady diaphragmatic breath. Light inhale through the nose and a slightly longer exhale. The options for designing workouts on the reformer are endless.
One of my most favourite exercises is the reformer foot work. We can work building strength in the entire lower body without putting stress on the hip knee and ankle joints.

We use high quality equipment from Stott Pilates that can be used to train clients who have very different goals. From balance and mobility to strength and flexibility and everything in between. Each of the 3 pieces of equipment have a spring based system that offers a unique opportunity to bring out the best in an individual’s session.

The benefits of having a resistance training session means that you can challenge the body both concentrically and eccentrically simultaneously. Which generally translates to less sore muscles following the workout. All our equipment can be used uni and bi laterally to focus on specific strength goals.

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    “I have been training with Tarannum for many years now, during which she has helped me through many aches and pains that have crept up on me as I have grown older. However, it wasn’t till   just recently that I mentioned to her that I was having nerve pain (pins and needles) in my foot as the result of sciatica that I suffered many years ago. Since it was nerve pain, I assumed there was nothing to be done about it. The many medications I had tried gave me no help. So ,in passing, I mentioned it to Tarannum.  The pain had been getting more and more severe. Tarannum immediately put on her thinking cap and came up with some breathing and posture exercises, and as a result, I have been pain free for the last two weeks. And I have been sleeping better, and able to relax without pain. Tarannum loves what she is doing. She teaches with enthusiasm and intelligence. She enjoys helping people, and they enjoy the benefits of her teachings”

    “I could not recommend a better teacher or trainer for beginners or advanced Pilates and movement students. Tarannum’s direct openness and interest in your well-being makes her classes and interactions superb.”

    Her training and expertise in Integrated Movement adds an enormous quality and insight to her precise teaching, demonstrations, explanations and corrections.  She makes sure you do understand the posture or exercise in its fullest, physically feeling its power and incorporating it safely in your routine.”

    “Tarannum Nasser is the best instructor I have had in over 15 years of Pilates lessons and training.  She has the ability to explain and demonstrate each movement with such detail and accuracy that it  is almost impossible not to get it, Should  you still not get it, she will help you to understand how, with individual attention even in the middle of a class, because it does help us all.”